Urban Garden Map

Map Legend

1.   Outdoor Classroom (Main Office Garage) Educational Displays/Exhibits

2.   Kiosk Information Board

3.   Taro Patch (90 varieties of dryland taro)

4.   All American Garden (in progress)

5.   Plumeria Collection (Over 70 cultivars)

6.   Hedge Maze (Over 60 different plant materials spaced 2 feet apart.)

7.   Classroom: (Changing room & Storage for participating vendors)

8.   Restrooms

9.   Herb Garden & Pavilion (4 quadrants clockwise from front-right are culinary, medicinal, other, and Asian spice.  The Pavilion displays a roof and vertical gardening practices.)

10.  Idea Garden (Samples of what gardeners can grow on Oahu)

11.  Vine Trellises & Arbors (30 different subtropical vines)

12.  Gazebo

13.  Alika Rabbit Garden (The tale of Peter Rabbit & Mr. McGregor.)

14.  Labyrinth (in progress)

15.  White Garden (in progress)

16.  The Boardwalk (Collection of plants with varied color, shape, & texture)

17.  House Garden (A story book house with 5 different rooms and associated plants, e.g. a shower tree in the bathroom, a bottle brush tree in the kitchen)

18.  Caterpillar Tunnel

19.  Butterfly Garden (plants that attract butterflies.  Kids can walk through the caterpillar tunnel and watch Monarch butterflies hover overhead.)

20.  Pizza Garden (Plants commonly found in pizza: basil, pineapple, tomato, parsley, chili pepper, green pepper.)

21.  Sensory Garden (Accessible to physically challenged with plants that are fun to touch, smell, & see.)

22.  Hawaiian Alphabet Tree Garden (Native trees representing the 13 letters of the Hawaiian alphabet: 5 vowels, 8 consonants including the okina)

23.  Animal Garden (Major categories of wild and farm animals, household pets, birds, ocean creatures and insects.)

24.  Sundial

25.  Turf Plots — “Tifgreen” Bermudagrass (Front of main office); Dwarf St. Augustine (Lawn fronting Hedge Maze; “El Toro” Zoysia (adjacent to Carport); “sunturf” Bermuda (Herb Garden); Seashore Paspalum (Plumeria/Trial Garden/Behind Classroom); ‘Tifway” Bermuda (Ecosystem).

26.  Worm Bins – Permaculture

27.  Gardenia Grove (Variety of bushes & trees)

28.  Hawaiian Herb Garden & Ecosystem (Organic practices using Hawaiian medicinal plants such as aloe, kukui, laukahi, and ti.)

29.  Fruit Tree Orchard (Citrus and mango cultivars over half fo the 4 ½ acres.  Collections of guava, lychee, longan, mountain apple, avocados.  Fruits are carambola, otaheite gooseberry, chico, black sapote, abiu, wi, tamarind, jack fruit, breadfruit, and others.)

30.  Hula Mound & Amphitheater

31.  Pavilion

32.  Rose Garden (135 containers with 9 varieties of hybrid tea and floribunda roses adopted and cared for by The Honolulu Rose Society members)

33.  Zhou Enlai Garden (Future site)

34.  SGI Garden  (Future site)

35.  Peace Garden Entrance  (Future site) (Bromeliad & Heleconia – 41 varieties)

36.  The Great Lawn