Once I was given something the giver said would be the most beautiful and powerful healing flower in the world. I looked at it and thought the giver a fool, thinking I was greater.

What lay in my hand appeared to be a mere pebble, a piece of dirt maybe — but a beautiful and healing flower?

Demented man, thinking a young mind could be fooled. But I nodded, smiled, grasped the “thing”, even bowed humbly to receive such a precious gift.

The Giver shed a tear in gratitude because he said he was getting weary in finding that special someone who would understand the gift that the world needed.

He said He could not journey on till He could find that special Someone who would understand, follow his instructions to bring this flower to its intended purpose.

He had seen other flowers, in fact tended many and brought forth this generation of seeds. But, he found the task of a new generation of gardeners becoming scarce.

They all wanted the flower but not the privilege of nurturing it from a seed.

Mahalo to all the gardeners….we need to grow the gardeners so we can be healed by the gardens.

Malama Ko Aloha…Keep the love in all we do. Mahalo for those that do.


Reflections on the announcement of the Hawaii Peace Garden
“Aunty” Fay
Communities in Schools, Waipahu, Hawaii